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King's Inn Motel

Welcome to The King's Inn Motel
in the Wild Natural Beauty of Wisconsin Dell

Weekly or monthly rates policy

Before check in, tenants must fill out an application showing at least two of their previous residencies, income prove, car plate number if parking in motel and phone number. Each person will have their background checked; previous evictions, crime violations or illegal drug violations may exclude you from moving into motel.
Tenant must keep room clean and in good condition. The Landlord holds the right to check the room at least ones a week after 12 hours advance notice as required by Wisconsin  Law. Tenant must inform landlord if smoke detector emits  a dead battery noise or about other safety condition problems. Removing battery from smoke detector is a crime violation.
Tenant is responsible for routine minor repair. Tenant must also meet any maintenance and sanitation standards required by local housing law. Tenants are financially responsible for any damages, including infestation by insects or other pests caused by acts or inactions of the tenant.
Guest may not stay in the unit from 11 PM to 8 AM. Guest may stay in the unit only if tenants are present in motel property or is approve by landlord.
Small dogs are permitted if approved by landlord.
If room is not paid even one day after due date, landlord starts eviction process after giving tenant 5 days Pay or Quit note as required by Wisconsin  Law. Late payments increase 5% per day interest may be added to the bill.
Security deposit is required at moving in. This deposit will be use by landlord to cover possible damage made by tenant and past due rent with interest fee. Tenant has the right to inspect the unit before they rent and sign check-in sheet.
Landlord has the right to increase the rate 7 (if weekly) or 28 days (if monthly rental) before next rent due.
J1 Visa students has to stay in motel at least for the whole program, minimum 12 weeks. Other weekly or monthly rates tenants has to stay min 29 days. If shorter stay security deposit will not returned and tenant may be charged daily rates from check in day.

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